Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea Sri Lanka

From the rolling hills in Sri Lanka comes the worlds finest tea.

An insightful journey into the plantations, the factories, the blends and the uses of Ceylon’s famous export.

Tea Plantation Visits

Staying at a tea estate or at the very least exploring a tea plantation during your time in Sri Lanka is almost compulsory, not only can you step back in time to Colonial England but there is so much to learn about the intricacies of what goes into your daily ‘brew’. For many we take the simple pleasure of a cup of tea for granted, once you’ve seen the work involved in picking each leaf tip by hand and drying the leaves and blending the flavours we hope you’ll be more inclined to savour every drop!

There is a real art to a fine tea blend and for those with a taste for learning more we have a number of opportunities to meet the experts and improve your knowledge.

Iconic Ceylon Tea is one of Sri Lanka’s largest exports with tea first planted by the British in the Royal Botanic Gardens in 1824. Years later when the once thriving coffee estates were all but wiped out by a fungal disease James Taylor started the mass production of tea by creating the first plantation. These beautiful terraces of lush green tea plantations not only make for a beautiful vista they provide some wonderful opportunities for hiking and immersing yourself in a slower pace of life.

Popular tea experiences and itineraries:


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